Time to put it to rest wash day has come


Well it was good while it lasted.  The twist out from my mini twist that is.  I've worn them for a week or so and now its that time.  I have to say this twist out has run its course :(  I never did get any pics, but believe me when I say this twist out was bad.  But I can always try to repeat it I guess that's the silver lining.  It was good while it lasted. 

How about you, have you ever had a style that you didn't want to let go of?

Til next time,


Cute scarf four ways


I think one of the pic is a retake from a different angle so you maybe counting five.  But I found this cute scarf at the mart for $1.99, can you believe it?  Its been sitting around for the past couple of months and today I finally decided to wear it.  I wore it more like the first pic.  The other ways are just some ideas of how I can wear it in the future.

Sorry about the unedited pics,  all kinds of stuff going on in the back ground. lol.

Til next time.


From the Desk of BeULuv


Thank you and welcome to all my new subscribers. 
And for those of you that have been hanging in there with me
a great big Thank You! to you as well. 
 I'm striving to do better and be better.
Thank you all for your support!


Words of Inspiration Pillow


Loving this Words of Inspiration pillow from Yahgie + Company $39. 

I can just imagine this message subliminally going threw my mind each night and waking up that much stronger and inspired each morning. Just from sleeping on this pillow.  Although its probably not for sleeping on but, hey, I would.

Til' next time lovely people.


Somewhat of a Christmas list


This is just a list of things I want this Christmas, somewhat, some I may get before some maybe after. Either way I want them in my life.

This boot is called "Zippy" from a line named Brash at Payless.  I've seen others but I like this one on.  And do you think I care they come from Payless, nope! As soon as these bad boys go on sale, right now they runnin' about $60, they mine. 

I need a laptop with a bigger screen.   My son is tired of me hogging his.  This one is a 17" screen. And will do just the trick.  This one I may save for after, cause although I would like one, it's just not the serious.

I need a new one. Mine is so old, I'm scared to use it.  Not having a more up to date one has kept me heat free all year.  Not that I'm complaining.
Throw in a few gift cards for  some new clothes and I think I'll be good.  Whats on your list for the holiday season?


Just like any other day


Well its the day after Thanksgiving, better know as black Friday. I got out some today but not to fight the crowds for the great deal on the laptop or pair of shoes etc. More like out to run errands like it was any other day of the week. Yep, I've worked in retail long enough to know that its just not that worth it. At least not for me cause I know that more than likely the same deal will be ran again before Christmas. So why not wait for it instead of throwing bows at the local mall? Sorry I'm just not the one.

I did get some cyber shopping done and can't wait for my goodies to come. I'll show you what I got when I get it:) It's just a few accessories, I don't so much buy clothes online I need to know how it will look on my frame. And sometimes it's hard to catch all the detailing of clothes when buying online, don't you think?

And I said all of that to say, the holiday shopping season is on! Have fun and be safe this shopping season. Til' next time lovely people.


A Presidential and Celebrity Thanksgiving


Just a few pics

President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, daughters Sasha and Malia, and Marian Robinson hand out food for Thanksgiving at the Capital Area Food Bank in Washington, DC.

Kim Kardashian, Zoe Saldana and Jennifer Love-Hewitt started Thanksgiving early by feeding the homeless at LA Mission.

Mary J. Blige participates the 85th annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.

Blair Underwood attends the 75th Anniversary of the Los Angeles Mission to serve Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Just wanted to hop on real quick to wish all you lovely people a Happy Thanksgiving! There is so much that I'm thankful for this day and everyday. I hope that a wonderful day was had by all. Mine was shared with family and friends with lots of food. I feel like I just may burst, haha. Til next time lovely people.


Thank you!


Amen.  I hope you all are having a great Sunday. Stay blessed BeULuv family.


Twist twist away!


Well today was pretty productive. I hand other plans but was still able to help out my sister out and get done what I had planned. I started this last night and thought it was going to take longer than what it did. But I took the time to put my hair in mini twist. Not mini, mini, but they are small. And it didn't take long to do. Yay me! I couldn't get picks with all my photographers gone for the evening. I'll post some later. I may keep these in for maybe two weeks. Til' next time lovely people.


Go ahead laugh


A good time to laugh is any time you can. ~Linda Ellerbee

Me having a little fun playing on my web cam.  How about you have you had a laugh today?


Hello Old Friend


This is my absolute favorite go to bag. I've had it for years and just recently put it back into rotation. For awhile the size got to be overwhelming and just plain annoying when going to look for something. Now I don't feel the need to fill it up with stuff so that should nolonger be a problem. I brought this bag years ago from Walmart, yes Walmart, I scored it for like five dollars on clearance and they had a handful left. I brought those too and gave them out as gifts.

I just love the way it looks at my side. And I get alot of compliments.

Good to have you on my arm again old friend :)

How about you do you have an accessory that you love but only wear from time to time?


A walk on the wild side with a bag to match!


Remember I told you the UPS guy paid me a visit last week. Well this is what the brought me!

 A pair of leopard shoes to walk the street of this concrete jungle that we live in. Yep, I just wanted an inexpensive, kick on kick off loafer.  And I think I found it in these.

He didn't bring me the purse, I just so happen to see the bag a couple of weeks ago.  When I got the shoes I remembered the bag and went back for it.  I'm surprised at how well they match up :)

Well that's what all the excitement was about.  Til' next time lovely people.


He will


Oh, how I wish I had one of these right about now. But, I don't.  Sigh. So I will continue to push my way thru and remain focused on the goal.  Knowing and believing that God will do just what he said.


What I want:


I love the look of these bracelets.  Some of them beaded some of them look like the friendship bracelets I would make when younger except these have more style.

Gigi Chic bracelet

Gigi Chic bracelet (see more bohemian jewelry)

Ettika bracelet

Ettika bracelet (see more purple ribbon jewelry)

I just may attempt to make one or two, maybe even three:)  Til' next time lovlies.


For your Sunday listening pleasure


Happy Sunday lovely people!


People, Places, Things #4


Happy Saturday, lovlies! I hope everyone is having a safe and fun weekend.  Since I know tomorrow I probably won't be doing anything but going to church and chilling around the house I figured I do this post today.

This is my son and this was my kickin' it partner for the day.  We finally got around to getting out to visit this farm not to far from home. 

Funny, now that I look at this pic I notice the palm trees. Yep, a farm in the desert, ha, ha.  And the corn maze they speak off, we got lost in it but obviously found our way out. LOL.  It was fun. 

It started off chilly and got hot as the day went on, hence my son riding around in his undershirt, lol.

So tomorrow is chill day and I finally got my library books off hold so this is what I will be reading.

 I don't have cable, but got into the re-runs of The City over the summer and really liked her stright forward attitude.  So I'm looking forward to reading this. I've heard good things about it.

I heard good things about this one as well. We will see :)   So, thats my weekend.  What about yours?  Til next time my lovely people.

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