ASOS Patchwork bag


I am loving this bag, it is giving me everything I need!

ASOS Premium Patchwork Mirrored Ethnic Bag With Leather Handle $77

Blue Diva


Blue Diva by Frank Morrison
I haven't posted any art in a while I was over at one of my favorite art sites and this caught my eye.

For the thrifty diva


Hey all my thrifting divas! Did you know that Goodwill has outlets and also an auction site?  For an outlet near you just google Goodwill outlet in whatever state your in, for their auction site just click here. Happy thrifting!

What I'm watching



Have you seen it? I'm in love.

On again


Well I went to the doctor today and he took me off the medicine that was contributing to my weight gain. Yay! So any weight that I don't lose from now on is all me. I don't have anything else to blame.  So operation destroy muffin top is back on. Lets do this.


Want to try


I came across these two items while browsing through the Forever 21 site. I've noticed both these problems from time to time and thought they be good to have around to correct it they both come with 6 treatments and cost $4.80 ea. I'll see if I can maybe find local before I order, I hate ordering from F21 online.

Description:  Eye Puffiness Minimizing Patches "GINKGO" are an effective skin treatment to minimize eye puffiness and increase elasticity of eye area. Ginkgo and walnut extract enhance blood circulation, help skin "de-stress" and decongest so puffiness is reduced. Skin looks and feels smoother and tighter.

Diminish dark circles and shadows with these sunflower eye patches that contain sunflower seed oil and phyto collagen. 

Til next time.


Love is contagious


I loved this song growing up. I loved the styling of the video. And so wanted my hair crimped like hers. This song came to me the other day and I haven't been able to get it out of my head since.

Easy breezy OOTD


Easy Breezy

Sweet and simple OOTD


sweet and simple

What I want


I want a big girl camera, by that I mean one that can be used by a professional.  I really want to step up my posting game and a new camera is just the thing to help with that. I really can't get the picture quality I would like with just my Sony cyber shot.  Here is one I've been looking at. It's cost is close to $600 so I have alot of saving to do. But I want one.

Just a quote


Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.  ~Henry Ford

An update why didn't I think of that


I've been going thru it with this operation destroy muffin top mission.  I don't seem to be really loosing any real weight.  I've been thinking and wondering why, I've been watching what I ate and doing exercise.  Then I remembered the medication I've been taking. Duh!  So next doctors visit we will be discussing this. Til next time. 

Peace, Love & Blessings

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