Wigs, Curls, Coils


Well although not official, with temps getting up in the 100's it seems like summer is in full swing.  And with that it's a little to hot to be under a wig, at least for me.  And I'm not knocking anyone who can pull it off.  But for me it's a bit to much and it brings me full circle.  I must tame my mane of curls and coils.

I've never been good with my hair and have for the most part have always had a stylist do it for me.  At this time that is not a option for me.  One reason being, I can't find one I trust. Two, I can't find one with reasonable prices.  So here I am on my own.  With all this hair and without the slightish idea of what to do with it. 

I have my go to style the puff. I find that if I go with this style to often it wrecks havoc on my hairline. And well that's all I got.   I get so tired of rocking this style in the summer.  Whats a curly, coilly, girl to do?


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