Maybe next time


I've been playing in my makeup again. I tried and I tried to get some pic, but I just can't get any good ones. 
I will contiune to try for that money shot. lol.  This is so much fun and I want to share my look with you.  And another thing the camera really does add 10 lbs.  Til next time.


The finished product


Remember this from here?

Well I finally finished mine with a few set backs.  First I had to make it a shirt instead of a dress because I didn't have enough material so I also had to do without pockets :( Second, I'm not able to find any button that I like to finish it off. But all in all I'm happy with it.  Thanks to my Mom who gave a whole lot of help in sewing it. These was my first attempt at a  pattern. See pics below.

Not sure what my next project will be, I think I'll try to mend a dress that I love. I wore it as a skirt when indeed it is a dress. And almost every time I moved I would hear a rip not sure where it was comming from lol.  Well I know now, I'm just glad its fixable.  Til' next time.


Do it anyway


This has been my theme for the week. I've haven't been in the mood to do much of anything but you know what I went ahead and did it anyway.  And in the end I was so glad I did because it was something else that I could mark off of my to do list.  I also think this is a sign that I'm over being a procrastinator.  Otherwise I believe that I would be full of excuses as to why I can't or don't want to get things done.  So yay me! For getting over this hump and coming to the conclusion that life is just to short and you are not always going to feel like it, but still do it anyway. Til' next time.


Operation destroy muffin top check in


So I've been getting my exercise in and watching what I eat.  And with all of that some progress has been made.  I still haven't found a scale I like so I just went ahead and measured my waist with measuring tape.  I started out at 38" around the waist now as of today I'm down to 37".  I'm happy that I'm getting results. 
Til next time.


Crossbody bags by Fossil


Loving these women crossbody bags by Fossil. Yes, I need them in my life.


Doing the twist


So I'm having a good hair day.  And I have twist to thank for that.   I took the time yesterday to put my hair in medium sized twist.  I'll have to say they turned out nicely.  A little patience goes a long way.  Which is something I don't do to often with my hair.   And today it's paying off.  I'm going to try and rock my twist for about a week. 

Before the twist I did a wash and go.  It was what it was.  Although I have to say that I really must stay away. I wore it for maybe three days and then went to detangle. And it was not pretty.  I think I have grown to be tender headed over the years. And my hair is just to long now to not detangle. I know this will be hard but it must be done. Til next time.


What dosen't belong here


One of these item dosen't belong here.  Do you see what that item is?  I tried as I might but I couldn't resist. 

It's now 5 o'clock in the evening and I have yet to get my workout in. SMH.  But all hope is not lost I'm on my way to do that now, so I'll see you lovely people later.


Wigs, Curls, Coils


Well although not official, with temps getting up in the 100's it seems like summer is in full swing.  And with that it's a little to hot to be under a wig, at least for me.  And I'm not knocking anyone who can pull it off.  But for me it's a bit to much and it brings me full circle.  I must tame my mane of curls and coils.

I've never been good with my hair and have for the most part have always had a stylist do it for me.  At this time that is not a option for me.  One reason being, I can't find one I trust. Two, I can't find one with reasonable prices.  So here I am on my own.  With all this hair and without the slightish idea of what to do with it. 

I have my go to style the puff. I find that if I go with this style to often it wrecks havoc on my hairline. And well that's all I got.   I get so tired of rocking this style in the summer.  Whats a curly, coilly, girl to do?


Operation Destroy Muffin Top update


Ok, ok, so I failed to take measurements.  And I have to say that I'm a little scared. I just might go with weight watching.  I think I can deal with that better in my head.  But all in all everything is going good.  I've been watching my calories and getting my exercises in.  I'm on my way to health and being fit. Til' next time.


Operation Destroy Muffin Top another day


So today was another day on my mission to destroy my muffin top! I got my exercises in and even got the kids to workout with me.  Went to the store and walked right passed the cookie aisle.  One thing I need to do that I haven't yet is to take measurements. I will do this before my workout tomorrow.

And I probably won't make this a daily update I'll shoot for maybe weekly.  But I'm really serious about this mission.  This area is very dangerous to carry weight in.  So I must shape it up and get rid of this extra weight. Until next time, thanks for letting me share.


Destroy the Muffin Top Day 1


It was sabotage I tell you, sabotage! Well almost.  I woke up, did my exercise dvd, and chilled out.  Come dinner time significant other calls and wants to go to the Chinese buffet.  Which is funny because I had just started dinner after fighting the urge to order a pizza.  But how could I resist? Proud to say I didn't go over board and ate alot of veggies.  Go, me!


Operation destroy muffin top


Yes, shame on me.  It's the night before Operation Destroy Muffin Top and I find myself up and can't sleep.  Shame on me why you ask? For the entire bag of Tear n' Share M&M's I ate.  Without sharing with a sole.  Yep, now I can't sleep cause of the chocolate so late in the evening.

And what is Operation Destroy Muffin Top, you ask? That's my name for my goal to get rid of my unattractive muffin top.  My plan was to get started early tomorrow morning, now I'm not so sure.  Although I will start sometime tomorrow.  I think I'm feeling sleepy now.  I check in again tomorrow.

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