Flash back and a flash forward


Flash back to Salt N Pepa with the ripped jeans and doorknocker earrings.  I was in the 5th or 6th grade wanting to wear my jeans ripped, but mom wouldn't let me. Didn't have my ears pierced so I did have earrings. Still I thought the look was all so fly.  It's funny how huge those earrings would get.  

Flash forward twenty-three years,  and bam! Ripped jeans are back in effect.  I found these jeans at Target and had to have them. You know to make up for when I was younger, lol. They are also as fly now as they were then.

As my moms late bloomer, I didn't get my ears pierced til sometime in middle school.  By then the doorknocker craze had passed, but lo and behold.  I was at Buffalo Exchange and came across these bad boys and grabbed them up.

Is my age showing. Have you yet to see fashion repeat its self?


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