This Christmas Day 7


Six days til Christmas and you still need gifts to give?  Well don't fret DIY to the rescue! I have a great gift that will be great for anyone on your list. And guess what, the best part is you can give them knowing you made them with your own two hands and lots of love! The gift, homemade Christmas cookies.  I do them every year and my family looks forward to them.

What you will need:

Your favorite cookie recipe (you can also do ready made cookie dough)
The ingredients
Tin foil or wax paper
Cookie tins (you can look for these at the dollar store, they have alot of different styles to choose from)


Bake cookies accordingly.
Let cool.
Place tin foil or wax paper into cookie tin, you want enough to cover bottom of tin and the cookies to keep them fresh.
Then place cookies in tin.

Top off with a cute gift tag and viola!


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