This Christmas Day 5


Well it's Friday ya'll with only 8 days left til Christmas. I thought it would be fun to count this day with eight symbols of Christmas and there meaning. Have a great weekend everyone!
1.      Candy Canes- Shaped like a Shepherd's staff the color red is for the blood that Christ shed and white is for his purity.

2.     Wreath- Alpha and omega. He is everlasting

3.     Tree-  Life

4.     Star- Marks the spot where Christ lay

5.     Gifts- Gifts are an act of love symbolizing the act of love that God made when sending us Jesus. Gifts are to remind us that Jesus Christ was a gift to us from God.

6.     Angels- Proclaim the birth of the savior.

7.     Holly- The thorn of the holly represents the crown of thorns that Jesus wore. The berries symbolize the drops of blood that were shed from him wearing the crown.

8.     Bells- Bells are used to announce the birth of Jesus. The bells called the people to worship him. The bells were rung to guide lost sheep back to the fold. They signify that all people are precious in the eyes of the Lord.


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