Slow and steady and shameless self promotion


So I haven't given up I still have my store By Faith Accessories.  I'm on Ecrater, I would like to move it to it's own site but the sells just aren't there.  I know I have a marketing problem, so I've set an appointment with a business consultant and hopefully they can help me find ways to solve this problem.  I know I have a good product and in front of the right people I can bring in the sells to really get this business off the ground. 

I have alot of scripture pieces to choose from and I've also been adding non scripture pieces as well.  I hope to be adding some new pieces just in time for the holidays real soon. So I encourage you to stop by and take a look, and tell a friend. I've added a link to the right.   Stop by and check a sista out! Pleasseeee...



ReBorYn said...

Keep the FAITH!!!!!

BeULuv said...

Thank you ReBorYn, thats just what I'm doin. Your encouragement was much needed.

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