Thought I had a new friend


Funny, I sometime think that in a past life that I may have been a cookie monster.  Because I love them and I'm always on the look out for new ones to try and the best ones for my all time favorites.  I was out shopping not to long ago for items unrelated to food, but came across these some how anyway.  I seen cheesecake and cookie together and almost hit the floor.  Being that these are two of my favorite things.  And so without a second thought into the cart they went. I couldn't wait to get home to feed on my what sounded like a tasty treat, and I have to say that I was all so disappointed.  They were not what I expected at all.  I think it was the graham cracker part the turned me off more than the cheesecake part.  I mean seriously I thought I had a new cookie to call friend. :(


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