Things that have me smiling lately


Just a few thing that had me smiling more then usual. 
  • Spending time with my sister and celebrating her birthday with her.
  • I got a sale from my store, I have to admit I haven't had alot of those lately.
  • I got an email from Andrea of the blog Fly Girl, we both agree that the book 32 candles should be made into a movie.
  • I finished the book 32 Candles, it has a nice ending.
  • I got a shout out from Reboryn on her blog, she won the Praise Him Earrings and she showed them off on her blog and she looked so fly in them. Thank you again Reboryn!

How about you what has made you smile this week?



Carmesha said...

I love this post, it feels nice to stop & think about the many good things that happened this week:
1. spending time with my boyfriend's family at the family reunion
2. finding my new favorite hang out spot
3. did a successful roller set on my own (although it only lasted 2 days)
4. one of my supervisors told me I was doing really well at my new job

ReBorYn said...

I have to agree with Carmesha...Cool Blog Post Girlie!!!!
Let's See????!!!
1.God allowed me to see another day!
2.Recieved a new CD by Travis Greene (Great)
3.My Son is napping right now!!!!!
4. I sold all my pieces in two days :-)
5. God Bless me with more money to go get more material to make
6. And I know some cool Bloggers!!!

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