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I did a wash today with my Giovanni shampoo and conditioner and my curls are poppin if I do say so myself. I can't get any decent pics, sorry.  I'll try again next time. 

So for now, I finally got the product review video uploaded and posted below. Thanks for the extra push Beautifulms!  The review is for product from Nature's Indulgence by Dionne, big shout out to Indulgence Is Key (Dionne). Check her out here and here. And I will be featuring a give-a-way featuring her products along with a surprise coming up real soon, so stay tuned.  

Please excuse me in this video I'm being rather silly during some parts, lol. 


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beautifulms said...

Your hair looks great in the video.

I totally understand you when your talking about being a "mixologist", its too much effort... I just want one or two product lines that work for me, not lots of random products.

I think I'm gonna get some of the Indulgence (if they ship to the UK) the ingredients sound great and like I said before your hair looks great so I want me some!

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