You Go Young Man a poem for my first born


baby boy where has the time gone?
baby boy not so much a baby anymore.
baby boy now mama's young man.
nah, baby boy in my heart always.
With the Lords hand on mine
raised you best I could.
Go head young man, Go head.
Go head young man, Go head.
Get yours.
Go head young man it's now your world.

-Love Ma
My first born is graduating high school today, can't believe I just said that. Where has the time gone? Seems like just yesterday this picture was taken in mommie and me class. Now he's graduating H.S. and I just wiped more tears of joy from my eyes.


Anna Renee said...

Pretty soon, he'll be 30 years old like mine is, and it doesn't seemed that I'll be 50! Time flies!

BeULuv said...

Yes, they grow up so fast. And I never would had guessed you where going on 50. It looks good on you.

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