Hey, Hey, Hey it's shea, shea, shea


Shea butter that is. I've been pretty bored today, but then there's a knock at the door and who is it? None other than the friendly neighborhood postman. And what does he have? A package for little ole' me. This just makes my day. LOL.

I ordered a pound of Shea butter from Nature's indulgence by Dionne and it came today. She even included a complimentary Sheer Shine Lip Gloss. I was feeling a little chapped so I immediately tried the lip gloss and let me tell you this gloss is the business. Thank you Dionne! Check her out
here and here.



Hair and Beyond said...

Cool delivery, I love extras in the package.

Indulgenceiskey said...

I am so glad that you like the lip gloss! Also, thanks for the shout out and for your purchase. I really appreciate it. Take care and Be U :-)!

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