Lord you ramain the same.
Your mercies are new every morning.
Thank you Lord, you keep keeping me.
Thank you Lord, you keep loving me.
Thank you Lord, you keep blessing me.
Thank you Lord for dying for me.
Thank you Lord for setting me free.
Bless you holy name,


Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Blessed by John Holyfield
Happy Thanksgiving!
From our family to yours.


Prayer in the kitchen


Hot Water Cornbread by Annie Lee
I'm in the kitchen getting a headstart on tomorrow. I hope everything turns out OK, I admit that I'm not the cook of the family. A double blessing before we chow down, for sure. I usually leave the holiday cooking to someone else, but this year its all on me, so we'll see how this all turns out.

Jump, Jump


I love jumpsuits in or out of style. Will always be in style in my book.

Bowtie jumpsuit, Newport News- $74.00

Farrah jumpsuit, Shopbop.com- $255.00

Denim ruffle jumpsuit, Newport News- $74.00

Wide leg jumpsuit, Spiegel- $79.00

Belted jumpsuit, Spiegel- $84.00


Growing on me


Yesterday I posted a pair of boots. My first reaction to these boots was, "what the??!!", you mean someone is actually wearing these and paid money for them. U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi, you ugly! Yep, that's how I felt about them. But the more I look at these boots, the more they're growing on me. They have cute potential.
Growing on me

Praise HIS Name


(In the Spirit by Frank Morrison)

Praise Him in the morning,
Praise Him in the noonday,
Praise Him in the night time.
Praise HIM!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! How did you know?


Photography Pictures, Images and Photos

I just want to share this. These past few weeks have been really trying for me. (You may be able to tell from some of my post) I took this last week off work to get a new prospective and just chill-lax. At work, I thought I was doing a good job of concealing my unhappy mood. But you know what, theres always that one who noticing everything and takes the time out, to reach out. My co-worker asks me if everything is alright with me. I tell them it's just life and that I'll be O.K. We're approached by a customer before the conversation could continue. Life goes on and I take a week off work. I returned today and my day went fine. On my way out the concerned co-worker is coming in. We pass each other, I say bye, they say hello with a warm pat on the shoulder. I'm halfway down the block and I hear my name called. I stop and my co-worker runs to catch up to me. They remind me of the last time we spoke and shared with me some very encouraging words and ensured me that God is watching over me.

Thank you to my co-worker for your concern and allowing the Lord the use you. Thank you Lord for never leaving me nor foresaking me. You know just what I need, when I need it. Thank you!

Playing catch up


I've been spending the day playing catch up with the Simmons family. I've been a little out of touch and haven't seen the past two seasons. I don't get tired of watching this family. And I have to admit it's one of my comfort shows. Looking forward to seeing them again for another season, no word yet, so fingers crossed.


Janet Staying Strong and Carrying On


In case you missed it last night here is the full interview with Janet Jackson. Janet Jackson looked fabulous as always as she interviewed with Robin Roberts, her first interview since the passing of big brother Michael.

Crawling to reedemption


Separating the music from the man, I really like this new song "Crawl" by Chris Brown. Looking at the video, I don't get the go between the dessert and the alley. Once an abuser always an abuser? What do you think?


Not sure why


Good morning, beautiful people! Not sure why I'm up, but I am. I have a lot going on and I know not to worry, I have been praying. And you know the saying,"If your going to worry, don't pray. If you prayed about it, don't worry." God is a sovereign God, he knows, and he has it all under control. Trust.


Yep, one of those


Yep, it's been one of those days. One of those set out to do everything and get nothing done type of days. One of those why am I even here days. One of those, why me Lord, days. One of those praise HIM any how days. One of those makes me wanna holler days. One of those "it was then that I carried you" days. One of those "draw nay to me and I'll draw nay to you" days. One of those "the Lord is my shepard, I shall not want" days. One of those "greater is HE that is in me" days. One of those "I can do all things, through Christ" days. Yep, one of those days.


MJ Classic


OK, so I've been on the look out for a MJ shirt thats classic MJ and stylish. I'm seeing alot of horrible MJ tees printed by someone just trying to make a quick buck. But, as for me I can say my search is over. I've found it. Now I just have to decide if I want to pay 42 dollars for it. Hmmmm!

Samuel Canales Sexy Art


Very 80's Luv


I remember when carrying your boom box with you was the thang to do. More so for guys than girls but, hey now we can have our turn. These handbags really play music from your ipod or mp3 player. These are to cute. I found them browsing through Ecrater, the store is called Fly Dame Couture, but I must warn you some merchandise contains foul language.

I also came across these cuties.
The Half & Half Glove in effect and ready to partee!


Yes you are!


As if you didn't already know. This piece is from the Esty store The Love Shop. She has alot of inspirational pieces and with great prices, you can easily buy more than one of the smaller 8 x 10s and cluster them on a wall in need of some loving.

Go-Go-Go its my birthday!!!


Animated Birthday Wishes

Tooooo Meeeeee!!!

Not alot going on today, got the day off work so just maxing and relaxing, with cake of course.


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