New shopping moto "Get It Or It Will Be Gone!"


Today was one of those days. One of those days when you go online or out to the store to purchase that item or items you've been eyeing, your excitited, you have butterflies in your tummy, your heart is racing and when you get there the item you want is nolonger, it's gone.

That's about the rundown of my day, not once but twice. I feel like a shopping loser right now. Why? Because I should know better. Hope that the items will be back in stock is bleak. I have more hope when online, they leave the photo up and just put "item out of stock" at the bottom. With the items I was after the photos are completely taken down. I really wanted these items for a project and I haven't found anything like them anywhere else. Darn.

My old motto was, "If the Lord wants me to have it, it'll be there when I come back for it." This motto is no more for me. With the way my shopping trips have been going lately, if I didn't know better I would think that the Lord didn't want me to have nothing at all. I know this is a lie, so I'm on to getting it before its gone.


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