Frugal Fashionista store find


I found this really FF friendly store and came across some really nice finds. Some brands I've even heard of before not that it matters, cause if its nice, cute and the price is right I'm buying it.

Pink Rose Sweater
Reg.42.00 Now 15.00

Kenneth Cole Tri-Fold Wallet
Reg. 60.00 Now 15.00
Christine & Kelly Studded Wedge Boot
Reg. 57.00 Now 15.00
Go Max Floral Embroidered Western Boot
Reg. 75.00 Now 15.00
LINQ Henley Shirt W/Silk Trim
Reg. 88.00 Now 15.00

Of course there is always a down side, the size selection seems to be limited. But, I'll still say worth a look.

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