Encouraging yourself


This week has been a very difficult week for me. I have literally wanted to give up on everything. The things I would like to work aren't working for me right now. This makes me step back and wonder if I'm in Gods will for my life, have I just stepped out before God, or have I not been sensitive enough to his guiding? All these questions, and right now not one answer. If nothing else I'm practicing a lot of patience.

In my waiting for the answers that I need to move forward I've been encouraging myself in the Lord. Drawing on the word hidden in my heart, reading the word and going through scripture to encourage me further, listening to my christian music. And yes all this has helped, but what has really helped is still calling on him even though it feels like he's not listening right now. Just speaking to him makes me feel so much better. I know he loves me to much to leave me alone. This I know for sure. So I must stay in him.

Peace, Love & Blessings


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