Happy Mother's Day


To all the Moms Happy Mother's Day! You're all these things and more. I hope you enjoyed your day.

Hey May, Hey Ya'll


So I'm not mad at myself.  Last month I posted a whopping 9 post!  Yay me, a lot better compared to previous months and I hope to post more this month.  Just wanted to pop in and say hey. ;)

Sad vs Celebrate Life vs Death


Prince, Roger Nelson 1958 - 2016

If you been rocking with me for a while then you know that I'm a Prince fan.  I'm not going to use past tense because his untimely death doesn't change that, I am and always will be a fan.   To see him in concert one day was on my life's to-do list.  

I was shocked more than I was saddened when I first got news of his death.  I'm now more reflective than I am saddened.  Will I get to a place of sadness,  I'm not sure.  Maybe one day his absence in the world of music will sadden me.  True artist today are slim to none.  I will miss him, his music, his fashion, his side-eyes.

I believe Prince lived til the day he died.  And to me, there is no sadness in that.  Only celebration of that life. 

I may not be able to see him in concert but his music and legacy will live on.

What's your favorite Prince song or how has his death affected you? 

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